Language options available at L.C.H.S:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Chinese

An introduction to languages at L.C.H.S:
Students begin to learn a Modern Forgeign Language in Year 7. They are taught 5 lessons per fortnight of either French, German, or Spanish. Then in Year 8 many students pick up a second language, with the possibility of some students learning Mandarin Chinese.

Languages at G.C.S.E Level:
All students take at least one foreign language and may take more. The option to take up an new language may be available. French and Spanish follow the OCR specification, while the German course is modular.

Languages in 6th Form:
The course will enable students to understand the spoken and written forms of French, Spanish, and German from a variety of registers. It will also encourage the student to communicate confidently and clearly through both the spoken and written word. Insights will be developed into, and first hand contact will be encouraged with, the culture of countries where the chosen language(s) is/are spoken. Spanish, French and German follow the OCR specification.

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