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From the post-1974 Archive

LCHS   PHOTO   OF   THE   MONTH – September 2014

Forty years on – Mr.Baker’s form, Autumn 1974


This picture was taken in front of the bleachers in the new hall opened in September 1974. It shows one of the forms in the new Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School in its early weeks. The original is owned by Mr.Baker, the form teacher, who had joined Lincoln School in 1970 and retired from LCHS in 2008.

We asked Mr.Baker to name the pupils 40 years later. He identified, or partly identified, the following, and is thinking about the rest:

Back row: Andrew Bowskill, Gillian Johnson, ?, Nicholas Harris, Julia Scoffins, ?

Middle: ? Hinde, Elaine Gendel, Paul Vear, Mark Vine, ?, ?, ?, ? Vanderhyden, ?

Front: Ruth Killgallon,?, ?, Patrick Shirley, Mr.Baker, ? Wells, ?, ?, Julia Salon

The re-organisation of schools in autumn 1974 created 12-18 schools, which received their pupils from middle schools. From the admissions registers, we know that the children we can identify in the picture came from the following – Ermine Middle, Monks Abbey Middle, St.Giles Middle and Westgate Middle.

One feature of the photograph is the variety of school uniform. We know from former pupil, David Sleight, that there had been concerns about its availability that September. Another explanation might be that schools recognized the financial impact of having to acquire a lot of new uniform for families with several children, and gave permission for pupils to wear, and wear out, existing clothes for the first year after re-organisation.

If any reader can provide any of the missing names, this would be useful for future generations. And also, there must be other form pictures from the autumn 1974 hiding in boxes and cupboards in Lincoln. If you have one, please bring it into school for us to copy for the post-1974 Archive. Thank you   

Mr C Williams

Post 1974 Archivist                                                                    



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